Terms & conditions

Acceptance Rules
The reservation of the apartment implies acceptance of this regulation. The bookkeeper responds personally, even for the accompanying person.

  1. Payment Details:

    Once you have paid the advance for the reservation, you will pay the remaining cash balance on arrival.

    Prices are expressed in Euro and are for apartment and for the period requested. The agreed price includes consumption (light, water and gas) bedding and bath. The price does not include the damage deposit and any damage. We reserve the right to change published prices at any time and without notice. However, the agreed price at the time of booking (excluding any extras) will not be changed in any case.

  2. Booking & Payment

    You can make an on-line reservation using the booking system on our website at https://www.salentoflat.com

    By paying the deposit the customer confirms the reservation, so SalentoFlat has the obligation to keep the apartment available and the client is obliged to present.

  3. Cancellation Policy
    • If cancellation of the reservation by the customer will be made at least 30 days before arrival will result in the loss of the sums already paid as a deposit.
    • If the cancellation of the reservation will take place within 30 days of arrival, SalentoFlat will also request the total amount of your stay.

    We strongly recommend to customers the purchase of a travel insurance that protects them from the disadvantages of canceling a vacation.


    For reservations of at least 7 days will be required upon arrival a security deposit of 150 euro refundable upon departure after checking the apartment for any damage.

    You agree that any damage caused, will be deducted from the security deposit and will also be liable for any excess damage (if the deposit does not cover the costs)

    Refund: The security deposit will be fully refunded upon check-out, after checking the apartment in the absence of any damage.

  4. Before the arrival

    At least 24 hours prior to arrival, considering the absence of a reception service, the customer is required to communicate by email or phone to the manager the exact time of arrival, in order to receive an adequate reception.

  5. Arrival day

    The apartment will be available from 12 pm , if possible we will always try to allow you to check in on your arrival even before this time. Upon arrival, guests will need to present a valid valid identity card. If no valid documents will be displayed, the reservation will be canceled and the entire amount will be deducted.
    Upon arrival you will be shown the apartment and you will be given the keys. You will sign a tourist rental contract (see No. 11)

    The customer expressly exempts the operator from any liability for direct or indirect damages that could result from unsuccessful interruption of essential services such as electricity and water.

    You are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your property left in the rooms or to any accidents, theft, damage to persons or things just because they occurred within the property.

  6. Departure day

    The release of the house must be made by 10:00 am . Unauthorized departures after 10:00 will be penalized. If you need a departure beyond this time, please ask for it at check-in. If possible because no new arrivals are scheduled on the same day of your departure, a release will be granted beyond the standard time.

  7. The loss of the keys to the apartment will incur a penalty of 50 euros which will be charged at the time of the release of the apartment.

  8. Only the number of people indicated by the customer at the time of booking is authorized to use the property.

  9. Conducted in apartment:

    High-volume music and noises that may cause harassment to the neighborhood are strictly forbidden. Guests in the SalentoFlat apartment should be aware that if high volume music is played or a very noisy party is organized, and the neighbors complain and / or police are required, you may be promptly asked to leave the room, Apartment regardless of the time of day or night.
    Regulations on noise and respect for other residents
    between 22:00 and 8:00 are welcome for your full cooperation and we hope you understand that these rules are needed, since our apartment is located in a residential building with People who have to get up early and go to work.
    When signing the contract at the time of check-in, the customer undertakes to act responsibly and correctly in the name and on behalf of the other guests accompanying him. If this person or any of the other guests accompanying him behaves inappropriately and incorrectly, we reserve the right to ask the person and other guests who accompany him to leave the apartment. In addition, from that time on, it will not be entitled to future claims or any other form of compensation. Finally, the customer will lose all payments made including the rental of the apartment and the damage deposit.
    We remind you that at the time of booking an apartment with SalentoFlat you agree to the terms and conditions described herein.

  10. It is expressly forbidden to sublet for the whole apartment or part of it.


    Which rules is governed by the Tourist Locations?

    The tourist lease is governed by articles 1571 et seq. Of the Italian Civil Code and art. 1, comma 2 lett. C) of Law 9 December 1998, no. 431 and art. 53 of the Code of Tourism, Legislative Decree 79/2011, “Housing for tourist purposes”, according to which “Housing exclusively for tourist purposes, anywhere located, is governed by the provisions of the Civil Code on leasing . “

    The tourist rent is therefore different from other types of activities, such as holiday homes or bed and breakfasts, because it is the sole and exclusive rental of an apartment, without the offer of any additional service. There is the absolute prohibition of providing any kind of “service to the person” during the stay of guests such as daily cleaning, change of linen, catering services, breakfast, shuttle services, etc. In fact, when these services are also offered, this will be an extra hotel activity, but it is regulated:

    by the regional law (Law of the Region of Puglia 07/08/2013, No 27, “ Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Policy ) and by

    -regist Region Apulia n.11 of 11/02/1999 Discipline of the structures ex art. 5, 6 and 10 of the Law of 17 May 1983, no. 217, of public activities managed by concession and non-profit organizations “ ( holiday homes, guest houses, residences ).

The Tourist Property is governed by the Civil Code and thus derives from the inalienable right of every owner of the property to enjoy (ie the ability to use or not use the thing to get all or no use, the so-called “material disposition”) and (Ie the ability to sell or sell it, to donate it, to leave it by will or to lease it, the so-called “legal provision”) of the good to its advantage and according to the principle of fullness and exclusivity provided by the right of property.

  1. Protection of personal data

    We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol in our communications, which is an Internet security protocol used by browsers and servers for the transmission of sensitive information. (You can check if you are using an SSL by checking the URL: http at the beginning of the web address should be changed for https)

    According to the current legislation on the protection of personal data, art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 informs you that your data will be kept by SalentoFlat only for the purpose of carrying out the requested service. You can contact SalentoFlat to exercise the rights to access, rectify, delete and oppose by law, by writing to our email.